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If You Live in Houston, You Shouldn’t Overpay on your Electricity Bill!

Most people who live in Houston are overpaying for electricity and they don’t even realize it. Since living in Texas comes with the power to choose any electricity company, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Since 2002, CenterPoint Energy no longer controls the electricity market, now electricity companies are competing for customers. This competition is a benefit for customers because they are no longer stuck with one company, and they can shop around for the lowest electricity rate for their home or business.

Advantages of Switching Electricity Companies

Who doesn’t enjoy a lower electricity bill! Simply enter your zip code and start saving on your electricity costs! We work with several trusted electricity companies so customers can easily view rates all in one place.

Step One: Enter your zip code

Step Two: Compare and shop electricity companies to find the rate and plan that is best for your electricity needs.

Step Three: Click the Order Now button to be instantly directed to the electricity companies website to sign up to switch your service. Be sure to have your current electricity bill handy to enter your ESIID number if needed.

There is an electricity plan for everyone!

Whether you are looking for a month-to-month contract free plan, or looking to look in your electricity rate for an entire year; there is a plan for you. The choice is yours when it comes to electricity plans. Our comparison tool lets customers compare plans by length of the plan, rate, and even an estimate of annual savings.

No difference in the electricity you use, Only the Savings!

When switching electricity providers you are still getting the same electricity service that you would at your old provide, EXCEPT now you’ll have a lower monthly electricity bill. Who doesn’t love that? Since the State of Texas gave customers a power to choose; there is more opportunity for electricity savings! Worry about other things besides a high electric bill each month.

If you live in Houston or any surrounding area like Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Katy etc... you have electricity choice! If you want to lock in your rate to be guarded from summer rates we have fixed rate plans. Or you could go on a month to month plan that is contract free. The choice is yours.

Enter your zip code to start saving on your electricity bill today! You’ll see the difference in savings!

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